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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Another year passes..........

This year has been so busy; family, friends and health issues. 

 My creative GD learned to make pot holders, she enjoys crafts and sewing.

Itty is always looking for his "mom".  The puppies won't allow him into their domain and if  I'm in their  room he climbs up on the edge of the door, hanging there until I return to the other room so he can follow me... sometimes he acts more like a dog instead of a cat.

 I went to some estate sales and found new treasures --  lol,  -  new treasures that I really didn't need. 
The potato chips and can were  made by Anheuser Busch ...
My children will gladly tell you that I don't need any more dust collectors.  I jokingly tell them that they will have an inheritance, they just have to sell it a piece at a time on eBay !
This post was started a few days ago, there is a lot more to talk about but for now, this will be the end.
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Hoping  everyone has a blessed evening.....

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  1. Glad to see you again. I collect a lot of stuff that the kids don't think I need, but I enjoy it. We get our happiness in our own ways!


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