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Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Gift Regifted..

Several years ago, my Aunt gave a fabric pack to my Mom.  As I was cleaning Mom's stash, I found the pack and decided it would be nice to re-gift the fabric.  In September I visited my aunt and
 presented the fabric as a table runner.  She was pleased and surprised and didn't remember giving Mom the packet. 
The colors look odd in the pictures, but they are more Fall-like and were appropriate on her kitchen table.  The pattern was a disappearing 9 patch -- which is one of my favorites because the corners match but don't have to be extra perfect.
(Some of the news and pictures are this past year but my family reads the blog, and this is a good way to share.  I appreciate you reading my blog, so please bear with me.)
Hoping everyone has a blessed evening.

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