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Thursday, March 31, 2016

The sands of time.........

Our DS will be 47 years old tomorrow, I always ask him how he got to be that old, the years have gone by so quickly.  It seems like only  a few years ago that he was living at home, going to school, and beginning his own life.

When he was 14 years old, DH helped him buy his first car and he's never slowed down.  These two pictures are him checking one of the race cars that the two of them have had.  He's so talented and works so hard, and they have won many races, including Alabama State Championships and National Championships.

They are BFF's and have a wonderful relationship.  We are so blessed that our children are loving and respectful to us and all the people that they meet.  (Both of them would hate that of all the pictures, I chose to use this one.)

My "little boy", and his daddy.  It seems like yesterday that I was in the hospital, checking his tiny fingers and toes.  DH didn't see him until he was 6 months  old because he was in the Army and in Viet Nam when he was born.  My Daddy called him his fishing partner and Mom showed him how to cook and be "self-sufficient ", so his future wife wouldn't have to wait on him hand and foot.
He's the father of 6 children, 3 grandchildren, (with another one on the way), and has taught them respect and love for others.  His greatest heartache was the death of his 13 year old daughter when she was killed in a car accident, but his faith in God has helped him through it, (although we don't always understand God's reasoning) and he says one of these days he knows he will see her again and understand.
As a Mama, I could write a book, I'm so very, very  proud of this young man and love him dearly.  So I'll close and save something for another day.
Hope y'all have a blessed evening, and thanks for stopping by........

Friday, March 18, 2016

Cleaning /Organizing my sewing room

Our lives are going through some changes, which calls for some down-sizing and closet cleaning.  The hall linen closet's door can now be closed, and the extra blankets have been donated to the homeless.
My sewing and crocheting have always been my escape or "zone out" if I needed some quiet time.  Anyway, while trying to make a special sanctuary for myself,  I have added some of my favorite items to the sewing room.  My uncle from West Virginia, who died in 2003, bought the plate on the left while they were visiting us, and my aunt graciously gave it to me.  It always amazed me that Uncle Dan knew about antiques, my DH knows what he likes and is beginning to learn about antiques.  The plate brings back memories that make me smile.  The crochet angel on the left was made by my aunt, given to my mom, and it now resides at my house.  The angel on the right was made by a friend that lived at the local retirement home.   The other items have been thrifting finds, and angels added to my collection.  The other side of the room isn't finished so I'll post those pictures later.
Thanks for stopping by, and I hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed weekend.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The "Prince"

Mom, please ........ let me sleep...... it is so tiring being the good looking cat in the house.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Completed Project

Three weeks ago one of my older granddaughters gave me an unexpected late Christmas gift.  Our family is growing and I thought it was understood that presents would only be bought for the smallest grandchildren and the greats.  Well, anyway, I bought for her baby but not for them.  So,,,,, I came home and crocheted an afghan.  It is Christmas colors and hopefully she will enjoy it for a little  while before our 100 degree weather returns.  Tonight the lowest temperature is 27, so I need to get this to her quickly.

Oh no, the Hospice items are in the background !!!!
Thanks for stopping by, have a blessed evening.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Estate sale finds...

I was lucky to be one of the first people preview an estate sale.
 There were quilts and a chenille bedspread !!!  She charged $10.00 for each piece, and I gladly paid that and QUICKLY loaded them into my car.

The hexagon quilt has been used and loved, but the colors are still pretty.  The binding can be replaced or sewn over.  A hexagon quilt is on my to-do list, it would be a great carry along project while going to doctor appointments.

The next quilt is in prime condition and apparently was a present to the lady.  She was involved in sorority functions and it was presented to her.  The butterflies are so cute, and each is embroidered differently, with the seamstresses name on the blocks. 

Both quilts are large enough for a queen bed and I'm anxious to use them.  I also bought a sewing box, never used, so it makes me wonder if the owner sewed at all.  She has a daughter but obviously she wasn't interested in the quilts.  Truthfully, I didn't need them either but couldn't leave them behind.

God bless and hope y'all have a great evening.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Fun Day....

Our youngest granddaughter spent the afternoon with us while her mom was working.

She is home schooled and I made the attempt to help her with the Math.  Have y'all seen the new math?  It uses a base of 10 for adding and subtracting..!!  How many ways can 50 - 40 = 10 be explained !!! I told DD that I hope I didn't confuse her with the "old"  Math.

Itty was helping with the final sewing on the t-shirt quilt.  He tries to see and help with everything and he always makes me smile.  He truly is my constant companion.
Hope all is well with y'all and God bless ....

Friday, January 15, 2016

On the design wall .....

This is the latest project on the design wall...

This is the first quilt I've ever made for the "public".   A friend of my DD saw her T-shirt quilt and asked if I would do one for her to give as a gift for her friend.  This is how DD's quilt looks now:

It has been "loved" and used, with the backing replaced twice.  But that's what they're made for, right!
It makes me happy to know that she has enjoyed it.
Due to some hospitalization, her new quilt didn't get made before Christmas, so ........
If you read my blog, do you have any suggestions on the fees you would charge for a quilt.
Thanks for your ideas.
Have a blessed night and hugs to everyone.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Gift Regifted..

Several years ago, my Aunt gave a fabric pack to my Mom.  As I was cleaning Mom's stash, I found the pack and decided it would be nice to re-gift the fabric.  In September I visited my aunt and
 presented the fabric as a table runner.  She was pleased and surprised and didn't remember giving Mom the packet. 
The colors look odd in the pictures, but they are more Fall-like and were appropriate on her kitchen table.  The pattern was a disappearing 9 patch -- which is one of my favorites because the corners match but don't have to be extra perfect.
(Some of the news and pictures are this past year but my family reads the blog, and this is a good way to share.  I appreciate you reading my blog, so please bear with me.)
Hoping everyone has a blessed evening.