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Monday, October 25, 2010

The weekend....

On the beach at sunset: "Mommy, God lives in your heart and comes out in the morning to put out the sun". (From the mouths of babes)

We had a busy weekend again. Saturday, Mom and I helped several other ladies decorate the church for our Homecoming and Sunday packed the decorations away after the dinner. As always, there was good Baptist country cookin'. The sermon was exceptional, Bro. Jeff was on fire for the Lord. My dad didn't feel well enough to go to church or lunch, that's such a rarity for him - he never misses church. He told mom that if his health continues to fail like this next year, he'll not be around. He never has recovered completely from the pneumonia in February.

Lil' Angel went to the Pumpkin Patch yesterday. Every year, they take her to pick out the pumpkin they'll carve together.
The picture below is Miss K and her older sister. Miss Princess is the oldest of eight grandchildren.
(If you click the picture you can count the freckles on Miss K's face!!. She wouldn't like me adding this picture but since she doesn't read my blog - she'll never know.) She looks like our DS, and thankfully has his personality.

I think I did some sewing over the weekend but don't remember what it was. I did decorate the house or at least put out all I'm doing for Halloween. Christmas seems just around the corner and I'd like to finish some of my UFO's..I sew and quilt for special family members because not everyone appreciates the time and love put into the pieces. I made dad a quilt for his birthday in Sept so I have to think of something else for him...
The clouds are gathering outside -- I hope we get some of the rain predicted, we've been under tornado watch all day.----- Hooray, it's raining.!!! Thank you Lord...
1. The rain and sounds of thunder.
2. My DH sleeping better at night.
3. The hospital jewelry sale - (got some cute Christmas gifts)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

An angel with her guitar

Ever so often, my DD has the Lil Angels pic taken professionally. I have boxes and totes full of family pics - children, grandchildren, ol' folks & relatives. Anyway, she is using these as Christmas presents. The guitar was given to her by her "Pawpaw Guitar" and she's holding a harmonica in her left hand from her "Pawpaw Monica". DH's family are musical and she likes to "strum and blow" with them. She is lucky - she has 5 sets of grandparents and has named each with her own special names. Naturally, Miss K has 5 sets also.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dad's Blessings

Dad, Mom and the Lil Angel taking a train ride.

An update on my dad: He came through the procedures just fine and the doctor said his "pipes" were clean. We all were concerned that he might have stomach or colon cancer but the doctor said he didn't have anything internal. The relief on his face was so good to see, and he said several times he was glad everything was okay and it was good to know for sure. When I called my DH, he said "I told you all, he's going to live to be 100" (that's only eight years away). Dad is a tough bird but the last year has been hard on him.

He's home now and him and mom are doing good - probably taking a nap.
1. Lord's goodness and mercy.
2. Beautiful sunny day.
3. My mom teaching me to sew.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkin Patch / Dad / sewing

Miss K with her kitten. She carved pumpkins with her dad.

That chicken is too close !!!!!

This was last years picture of the GD's at the Pumpkin Patch.. It a little windy and cool, but they had a good time. The lil' angel looks so serious its hard to tell she was having fun.

I have been working on Miss K's quilt for Christmas. She chose pink, green and black as her colors, that's way out of my comfort zone!! I already had 11 little girls embroidered, and had to think of a way to incorporate them. Fortunately, in my stash was some material with the blue, turquoise, and black colors. A few weeks ago, while at my local GW, there was a huge bag of turquoise thread - all the same number & color for $2.00 !! well, as I started sewing, I could tell why it was so cheap - the turquoises aren't the same shade but they're close enough I'm using them... it's one of those things I'll notice every time I see it but it will be okay for her to put on the bed....

My dad goes tomorrow for another procedure - his hemoglobin still isn't high enough (9.7) so the dr wants to check and see why..thinking maybe he's losing blood somewhere.

I'll be with mom, she's looking more and more tired. The care-giver gets down just as much as the patient. say a prayer that he'll get through this...


1. My Lord for helping me daily.
2. My job and understanding supervisors
3. My family and emotionally supportive children

Friday, October 8, 2010

Chubby Checker

Most of my fellow bloggers will remember Chubby Checker. Well, let me tell you, he can still move and shake it like he used to and the Twist is 50 years old this year. (He was born in 1941).
And he still looks like this, not too heavy and the jeans fit good!!
(The picture is from his website, that's why it's a little distorted.)

My DD, DS2, Miss K, Lil Angel and I went to the local county fair and he was performing. The kids rode all the rides they wanted to and we were ready to go home when he finally started singing. Sooooooo, my DD asked me if I wanted to stay, shyly "the kids are tired" "yeah, but you may never get this chance again" "OK!". I'm glad we stayed and they agreed with me - it was the best part of the fair...we stayed an hour, he was still singing, non-stop, and wasn't even winded, and didn't slow down! The crowd was huge, so since we had the kids we left before he finished in order to get them out of the rush. Miss K enjoyed it as much as I did and wanted to know " is he famous?" maybe all the vinyl records I've saved should be given to her. For years, I spent my baby-sitting money and my small allowance on records and posters. Oh - what good memories!!! The days of the sock-hops, drive-ins, poodle skirts and great music.....they were so much fun .......
On the way home I told them I could remember the lyrics but couldn't tell you what I had for dinner two weeks ago. Her memories are Saturday mornings, cleaning house and listening to the "oldies". She said it was fun and some of her best memories -- who would have thought that would be a good memory when I was "working her like a Hebrew slave". (family joke).
I feel so blessed, they are very good about taking me places with them, and fortunately, we get along and can laugh together. More great memories.....
Have a good weekend, I'll try to do some sewing..
1. My children, family
2. Autumn weather
3.My health

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fun at home

Grammie's angels jumping on the trampoline--- static hair is always funny!! Miss K would have a fit if she knew I was posting this picture. She's at the age when she can be embarassed so easily.
There's 7 years difference in their ages but they get along well together and Miss K ALWAYS takes up for the Lil Angel, especially when they're at daycare.
In March the weather was still a little cool but it didn't take long for them to shed the coats.
Birds outside my window - they must be hawks, they're too far up and look too big to be robins.
Just soaring in the sky, bobbing eith the air currents.


Wish me luck --- I've signed up again for an on-line class at our local college. Maybe I'll do better at that instead of not following directions regarding deleting blog posts!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

oh no!!

Oh no!!! I just found the comment delete button and thought I should clean up my blog -----
if you haven't already, don't do that!!! what a mistake, I lost all the beautiful comments from my blogger friends...... I hate that, I would go back and reread the comments when I was having a bad or dreary day..... and that can't be replaced.... if anyone knows how - please let me know if I can recover the comments.


Pizza at Grammie's house...... pizza is their favorite so it's an easy meal when they come to visit.
These are the two youngest grandchildren and they visit often. You know, so far they haven't outgrown coming to Grammie and Papaw's house, so we enjoy them every chance we get.


I have been reluctant to post any pictures of my youngest granddaughters but since their moms have added them to their facebook accounts, here goes..... caution--many pictures to follow..

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I changed my design photo, it looks like autumn, one of my favorite seasons. What am I saying --any season that isn't 100 degrees is my favorite season !!
It is finally cooler in the south and has been for a few days now. The high today is 64, wind slightly blowing, sun shining and just gorgeous outside.