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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkin Patch / Dad / sewing

Miss K with her kitten. She carved pumpkins with her dad.

That chicken is too close !!!!!

This was last years picture of the GD's at the Pumpkin Patch.. It a little windy and cool, but they had a good time. The lil' angel looks so serious its hard to tell she was having fun.

I have been working on Miss K's quilt for Christmas. She chose pink, green and black as her colors, that's way out of my comfort zone!! I already had 11 little girls embroidered, and had to think of a way to incorporate them. Fortunately, in my stash was some material with the blue, turquoise, and black colors. A few weeks ago, while at my local GW, there was a huge bag of turquoise thread - all the same number & color for $2.00 !! well, as I started sewing, I could tell why it was so cheap - the turquoises aren't the same shade but they're close enough I'm using them... it's one of those things I'll notice every time I see it but it will be okay for her to put on the bed....

My dad goes tomorrow for another procedure - his hemoglobin still isn't high enough (9.7) so the dr wants to check and see why..thinking maybe he's losing blood somewhere.

I'll be with mom, she's looking more and more tired. The care-giver gets down just as much as the patient. say a prayer that he'll get through this...


1. My Lord for helping me daily.
2. My job and understanding supervisors
3. My family and emotionally supportive children

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  1. I agree with you to list grateful prayers, and the children look so cute in the pumpkin patch.


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