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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bily Morgan paintings

These paintings hang in the lobby of a VA hospital. The artist is Billy Morgan, a well known artist who paints about this area.
This painting is done by Billy Morgan, a well known artist. The above painting is of the Flint River in south GA. and really looks typical of the cabins and "little stores" along the bank of the river. The ground is mostly clay and is really that red!! The odd roots of the trees are the ones that are used to make the pretty wooden clocks.

I'm lucky to have a copy of a print of his, but don't have any of these. The above pic is very fitting to the surroundings since it is a VA facility.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

As the World turns......

I've never really quite understood how depressed "older" people got when they realized a building of their youth was gone. Most all of our family's generation, (DH,SIL,BIL friends) went to Baker High School in the mid 60's - early 70's. Well, after many years of neglect, the city is demolishing the school sometime during the summer of 2010. One of the graduates has taken 86 pictures of the building, inside and out, as it stands now. I can understand why the city wants to demo the building but it still is upsetting to see it torn down. So many years of neglect... a closing chapter of my life...I guess that's really the upsetting part - now I'm one of the "older" group.... when did that happen??? lol

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Are you ready for Spring??? Us folks down south are !!! South Georgia actually had snow this past weekend but unfortunately my DH and I missed it -- we had the stomach virus that has spread throughout our family. The only snow I saw was when I was coming home from work Friday afternoon, and then DH asked me "Can you see how big the flakes are?" The only ones I saw was the reflection in the mirror of the window !! what a jip !! Our DD took pictures of the 2 yo baby in the snow but as a grammie, you know that's not going to be the same as seeing her for myself.. not to mention the 8 yo GD playing in the snow (we missed that too)...!!!

I just read another blogger who has had a spinlal injury - that sure does make my problems seem small....

My Gratitudes:

1. My health, which on the average is very good

2. My family - children & grandchildren

3. My "extended family"

4. My daring husband - who picked me up off the floor when I was too weak to stand...

5. My Mom -- she will never know how much I love her and wish I could be like her..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We've had such a busy few days --- our DGD #4 had appendectomy surgery 11:30 pm Saturday night, she got out of recovery at 1:00 am Sunday morning, she's 8 years old and looked so little lying in the hospital bed. Now DGD #5 has had the stomach virus for two days, she's only 2 years old - when her mom took her ot the doctor's yesterday he prescribed suppositories for vomiting:

"How do I do this?"
"Get a glove, stick it in, just like taking her temperature."
"We don't use that kind of thermometer."

you know, now the young mothers have a digtal and we had to learn how to read the old mercury thermometers...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


As I was dressing for work this morning I realized the shirt I thought was black is actually navy. I've been wearing that shirt with black pants, other people must have thought I was silly..

It's a rainy cold today, we're all waiting on the sunshine - but not the 90 degree weather of summer.

DH's uncle is very ill and the family takes turns going to their house to check on him and DH's aunt. Listening and praying for all the sick people in the family sure does remind me that none of us are getting younger. This uncle has played a guitar and sang for as long as I can remember, and I've been in the family more than 42 years. Now he's on oxygen most all the time and is quickly out of breath and energy. The last time they were at our house, June 2009, I videoed (is that a word ?) him playing and singing with my FIL who plays a harmonica. I'm so glad I did that.....

Monday, February 1, 2010

Parents, Church Choir

My parents are still staying in their house and not going out in this cold wind, they missed church yesterday and they don't like to be absent. Dad is in the choir and Mom is in the nursery, (when it's her time) so they are missed. When Dad was hospitalized he weighed 109 pounds !! after a different doctor looking at his medicines and removing some of them, as of today he weighs 120 pounds !! Truly he was dehydrated - was given meds and fluids...and now is feeling so much better. They tried over the counter meds and wasn't getting any better -- they now have decided that maybe they shouldn't self-medicate.

Ms. L, our choir director, has tried to increase the folks in the choir, especially including the youth. She gets so frustrated and she's done such a good job, but you know, sometimes us older folks don't like change. My darling granddaughter, "Beauty Queen", sang two songs as a special and was asked to sing again Feb 14th., maybe she'll join the choir - she would be an asset.