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Monday, February 1, 2010

Parents, Church Choir

My parents are still staying in their house and not going out in this cold wind, they missed church yesterday and they don't like to be absent. Dad is in the choir and Mom is in the nursery, (when it's her time) so they are missed. When Dad was hospitalized he weighed 109 pounds !! after a different doctor looking at his medicines and removing some of them, as of today he weighs 120 pounds !! Truly he was dehydrated - was given meds and fluids...and now is feeling so much better. They tried over the counter meds and wasn't getting any better -- they now have decided that maybe they shouldn't self-medicate.

Ms. L, our choir director, has tried to increase the folks in the choir, especially including the youth. She gets so frustrated and she's done such a good job, but you know, sometimes us older folks don't like change. My darling granddaughter, "Beauty Queen", sang two songs as a special and was asked to sing again Feb 14th., maybe she'll join the choir - she would be an asset.

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