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Thursday, January 28, 2010


After reading Brenda's blog at Cozy Little House, it seems like I don't blog enough. I DO enjoy reading blogs and enjoy pictures from all over the world. Anyway, I'll try to blog more often.

The last few days have been extremely busy - both of my parents were admitted to the hospital on Monday with pneumonia and released on Tuesday - thank God. They had been sick and were dehydrated but today is Thursday and they're doing much better. We are sooooo lucky to still have them - my mom is 81 and my dad is 91.. he remembers when the streets in our town were brick and there were horses instead of so many cars. My DD was so helpful in all she did to make sure they had everything they needed and taking meals to them.. we've decided they will have dinner with us every Tuesday, (they have dinner plans every Thursday) and with our other family functions during the week we can make sure they're eating properly. You know, it's always better to eat a meal someone else has prepared.

After saying all that, I feel like I've been too chatty -- opinions ayone?

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