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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Haunted house, party, & grandchild

I just love old houses. My family teases me that I would live in a "spook" house and enjoy all the creaks and noises. We did live in a haunted house a few years back. My freind, a physic - she actually helps the police find missing persons and evidence - came to view the house and she saw some of the same things I did, without me telling her. My DD wouldn't stay in the house by herself and preferred to leave before sundown. The "spooks" weren't harmful, they were just misplaced and confused where they should be.

Our oldest granddaughter is marrying in June and she had one of her bridal
showers at this old house. She looks like an angel coming through the yard. She's the singer of the family and has won several awards, both money and trophies. I wish she would sing more in church, everyone just loves her voice and she's just as pretty on the inside - that's the important part of her personality.
I LOVE gingerbread look on the house and could easily live there.
1. Family - that are there to help as needed.
2. God - who sustains me and gives me forgiveness and grace.
3. Friends - although we don't talk alot, I know who I can counnt on.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Family racing

The family sure had a busy weekend!! My oldest grandson, "The Racer", drove in his first race Sat night. I asked him if he was nervous, he said "No" but I guess the rest of us were anxious enough for him. He chose to start at the back of the pack and before long he had passed five of the other cars. The above photo shows him climbing into the car, ready for his first line up. He got bumped one time by another car, now the car has a scuffed paint job on the lower left hand side but other than that it looks like it did when he left his yard - it's always good when the car isn't scrapped down the side, either by another car or the wall.........
Our family has raced for many, many, many years; my DH and I were talking Sat about how the "torch" has been passed to the third generation - our children grew up at the local track, brought their children and now the grandchildren. Our family is close and, forthunately, we get along with each other.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Veggie garden

Time just seesm to slide by,,,it's always so long between posts. I never think of my life being that busy, but with job, DH, parents, children, grandchildren and church the days seem to pass by, but I wouldn't change any of my days.. the above piccie of daffodils isn't my yard but isn't it lovely??

Anyway -- my DD and GD #5, the 2 yo tu-tu dancer, and I planted a small garden this past Saturday. We know where the potatoes and corn are but when the lil' girl started opening the packages -- well, now we have vegetable soup in the ground and we'll just have to see where & what plants come up !!! She had a good time and that's really what counts. Who knows, maybe she'll be the one with a green thumb; that would be nice - her mom and I don't have them. My mom had beautifil productive gardens and reaped a lot of veggies. We should have planted Good Friday and the potatoes should have been planted by the end of February, at least that's how it is where we live. This year we tried somehting new to us -- we built a box 8' X 16', filled it with peat moss, compost, and some top soil. That's called "box gardening" (I read it in a book) and we thought it would be easier than tilling up the ground and fighting grass and weeds all summer. We live in the country so maybe the bunnies and deer won't eat too many veggies. We'll see...