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Monday, June 29, 2009

Pets and Children

Why is it when our children move out we seem to treat our pets as chldren? My two darling children live close by us but our "furry child" is much more spoiled than they ever were...and our children would agree with that. Our mama cat was dropped off, so I started feeding her and my DH loves the Jack Russell..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spoiled Animals

Our pets don't think they're prts, they think they're just "furry children"..since the kitten came to stay the pup has to share her "blankie"....and doesn't always want to..

Yesterday the kitten was transformed from a girl to an it....was at the doctors office all day and on the way home her daddy was pitiful...."it's okay, baby, you'll be home soon, dad is taking you in the house so you can cool off"...all the way home...he never cared too much for a cat but when this one was dropped off by someone he took a shine to it...we live out of town and folks are always dropping animals out there.

We're dog people really and have 7 in the yard....we sure know when anyone approaches...

1. My children and family
2. My job
3. Plenty of food to eat (sometime more than I need)..

Love for now....yaya

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Beautiful Music

I wish all of you could hear what I'm listening to: our 24 yr old granddaughter singing "For God so Loved the World"..she has such a wonderful voice. She was recorded when she sang for DH's birthday 2007, and I still cry and get chills when she sings (I've listened to it 1000's of times).
God has blessed her with such a lovely voice and pleasant personality, my prayer is she'll use it for God's glory.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A bad dog !!

As Grammie to several "furry" children, sometimes I have to babysit. Well, this weekend Shelby didin't want to cooperate, she knew her mom and dad weren't home so she dug out of the fence several times...I gave her a swat but not near as hard as her mom would have.. how is it that "furry children" know these kind of things when they're not told.!!! even the other dogs quit eating like normal. I don't think my children told them they were leaving, altho that is what my DH does when he goes to work - "dad will be gone for a while, you be good, okay" but she doesn't always behave !!! But the kids are back home safely and the furry children will be normal again.

I got some more sewing done on DH's quilt for Father's Day..he's gonna be so surprised..I have to sew secretly so it's taking a ittle longer. I'll get back to adding sequins on the Christmas stocking when I get some white sequins, but right now Christmas seems a long time away.

Thank you to my quilting friends for reading my blog,, I'm so glad when you leave comments.

1. Good travel for my two groups of children who returned safely to the nest.
2. Little kittens, we still have 4 to give away.
3. My Mom...who's an inspiration...

Thursday, June 4, 2009


The picture is kinda small, but it's my Mom, me and my brother...I'll have to ask her what year but I'll guess 1958-59...we must have been dressed for Easter (we all have hats on our heads).
Last night I talked with my friend from TN for 45 minutes...we are the best of friends and we never know when we should hang up the phone. We always catch up on "the family" news and it seems like there's always soooo much to talk about. Her health isn't very good and I'd love to see her more often, I really need to fit that into my schedule and go visit, but for right now phone calls will have to do.

No sewing to post, I'm working on a "special" Father Day's present for my DH. I never realized it, but he says I've never sewn anything for him. who would have guessed it meant anything to him at all.

It's raining again today but after our hot, humid 97 degree weather for a week, it's nice to have the rain refresh the lawns and the few flowers in our yard.
1. Rain..
2. My job so I can pay for my little car, LuLu..
3. My Mom teaching me how to be grateful for what I have..