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Monday, June 8, 2009

A bad dog !!

As Grammie to several "furry" children, sometimes I have to babysit. Well, this weekend Shelby didin't want to cooperate, she knew her mom and dad weren't home so she dug out of the fence several times...I gave her a swat but not near as hard as her mom would have.. how is it that "furry children" know these kind of things when they're not told.!!! even the other dogs quit eating like normal. I don't think my children told them they were leaving, altho that is what my DH does when he goes to work - "dad will be gone for a while, you be good, okay" but she doesn't always behave !!! But the kids are back home safely and the furry children will be normal again.

I got some more sewing done on DH's quilt for Father's Day..he's gonna be so surprised..I have to sew secretly so it's taking a ittle longer. I'll get back to adding sequins on the Christmas stocking when I get some white sequins, but right now Christmas seems a long time away.

Thank you to my quilting friends for reading my blog,, I'm so glad when you leave comments.

1. Good travel for my two groups of children who returned safely to the nest.
2. Little kittens, we still have 4 to give away.
3. My Mom...who's an inspiration...

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