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Thursday, June 4, 2009


The picture is kinda small, but it's my Mom, me and my brother...I'll have to ask her what year but I'll guess 1958-59...we must have been dressed for Easter (we all have hats on our heads).
Last night I talked with my friend from TN for 45 minutes...we are the best of friends and we never know when we should hang up the phone. We always catch up on "the family" news and it seems like there's always soooo much to talk about. Her health isn't very good and I'd love to see her more often, I really need to fit that into my schedule and go visit, but for right now phone calls will have to do.

No sewing to post, I'm working on a "special" Father Day's present for my DH. I never realized it, but he says I've never sewn anything for him. who would have guessed it meant anything to him at all.

It's raining again today but after our hot, humid 97 degree weather for a week, it's nice to have the rain refresh the lawns and the few flowers in our yard.
1. Rain..
2. My job so I can pay for my little car, LuLu..
3. My Mom teaching me how to be grateful for what I have..

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