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Monday, May 18, 2009

A Saturday Afternoon Tea

Isn't the table pretty? All of the decorations were so nice...

Saturday a lot of the females in our family went to my church for a Mother/Daughter Tea. It was simply lovely. I was lucky enough to sit by a lady who is originally from Wales and she explained the difference in "afternoon tea" and "high tea". We actually had high tea because we were served scones, cream puffs, chocolate covered strawberries and many more delicious goodies. Did you know you're supposed to put your milk or cream into a teacup first so when the tea is added it doesn't stain the cup? I didn't and like I said I really enjoyed sitting next to her.
The smallest girl grandchild went and she had goodies, fruit and her usual goldfish crackers, which she shared with her cousin. She doesn't go anywhere without her goldfish !!

We've gotten quite a bit of rain but today the weather is slightly cooler. The temp last week was 82-85 degrees and today we'll be lucky if it hits 65. The weekend weather was nice and sunny until mid afternoon.

I've done some embroidering but didn't get much done on the Christmas stocking. I'll have to post the tote bag when I get it finished.

1. My job
2. The love of my family.
3. My good health.

I've copied "the Gratitudes" from http://www.coveredporches.blogspot/ , she does that and I thought it was special...sometimes we forget to be thankful for what we do have....

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