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Monday, May 11, 2009

We all had a wonderful Mother's Day at our house. My GD had everyone over for fun and food, we had four generations of family and all off a sudden I reaized I was one of the older generations. I guess that was more noticible when all the"young" ones gathered in a different part of the room. That sounds like we were being ignored but no way, we weren't, but since we were the oldest we got to go to the front of the food line..Is that good or bad?? The food was wonderful and the fellowship was great !!! As my mom said, you could feel the love for each other in the room. We're all so fortunate that we get along as well as we do and can visit with each other, I know some families that can't. For that we are truly blessed....Some of my "heart" children called because they had other plans for the day, so all in all, it was an excellent Mother's Day..hope your's was too.

My Family
My Darling Husband
The blessings of God..

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