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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Busy Tuesday

The picture is our cat eating popcorn, she thinks she should eat everything we do, she especially likes supper leftovers, she had spaghetti for breakfast this morning. She has shown us one kitten (last week) but we haven't seen it since.

Went with DH to the doctors sure isn't good to get old....but it was a good check-up, he goes to the VA Hospital and we are gettingto see the same doctor each time, Dr W is such a nice man, honestly trying to help James and he remembers him from the previous time, and that always helps his feelings, as though someone really cares...

The only sewing I got to do was some while we were waiting to see the doctor. I'm using Gail Pans designs for BOM blocks but I'm adapting them to spring colors for a tote bag for someones birthday... I'll post when I get finished..

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