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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heaven and the fish......

Had to share this with ya'll. My DD posted it last night on facebook.

"DD thinks God has the best sense of humor! So I looked in the fish tank & couldn't find "Lil Angels" fish anywhere! I broke the news to her that Jesus needed another fish in Heaven so He took ours. She said "maybe my fish will come back from Heaven one day." I assured her that it didn't work that way because God doesn't send animals back. Weeeellllll guess who's back in the tank swimming"

We all need to have simple faith...Lil Angel is 3 years old but sometime she thinks so deeply, it's like living with a grown-up. She keeps all of us on our toes.!! DD has explained Heaven to her because my DH's uncle is so sick and she dearly loves going to see him, (he's her Paw Paw Guitar). She realizes Jessie is in Heaven with God and says she will see her some day. (Jessie died exactly one week before Lil Angel was born and they were the only ones in the family that would have been blood related. Lil Angel is adopted.)

Just wanted to record this - some day we will forget all the cute things she says. Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011



It seems like I blog when I'm asking for prayers for my dad or something not so joyful but today is different ------We live in a small rural part of Georgia, and like a lot of others, our economy has been shot in the foot. Well, I'm happy to say we will be getting a new sports complex (motorsports, drag strip) within 2 miles of my house. Now you're thinking -- the noise --- well, that's the least of our worries. Our community needs some inflex of jobs and money, so the noise and visiting people will be a plus !!!!
The piccie above is the Lil Angel helping her dad "work" on the race car. Our entire family is involved with race cars, and that's where my children were every Saturday night (with my DH and I) and we knew all their friends and what they were doing. My son and daughter contribute this for them never getting into drugs or REAL trouble with the law.
So, I'll get off my soapbox and thank God for allowing this positive thing in our community.
And, oh by the way, my parents and family are doing fine. The flu is going around, but none of us are sick,yet..
have a great day blog friends and thanks for listening.