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Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Dad

  I thought I was ready to post again but maybe not ----- Our Grandpa Sparky, my dad, passed away Oct 26th.  (I type this through tear filled eyes)  We celebrated his 93rd birthday Sept 19th, he got sick the first week in Oct, was in ICU and rehab and ICU again. Dr. S pulled him through the first time in ICU, but gave him 2 units of blood to perk him up.  The second time he got sick his body was too tired, the Congestive Heart & Kidney failure was too strong.  Dr S couldn't get the water out of his body and he slipped peacefully away from us.  We all know he's in heaven but miss him terribly.  Mom is doing ok -- she's a strong woman, a survivor and has such a zest for life.  He always said the prayers at family meals and on Thanksgiving she did that,  -- she did a great job, thanking God for our Sparky.

A blogging friend said I'd know when I was ready to start writing again, and that it could be a healing place.  She's right-- thanks for listening..