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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spoiled Animals

Our pets don't think they're prts, they think they're just "furry children"..since the kitten came to stay the pup has to share her "blankie"....and doesn't always want to..

Yesterday the kitten was transformed from a girl to an it....was at the doctors office all day and on the way home her daddy was pitiful...."it's okay, baby, you'll be home soon, dad is taking you in the house so you can cool off"...all the way home...he never cared too much for a cat but when this one was dropped off by someone he took a shine to it...we live out of town and folks are always dropping animals out there.

We're dog people really and have 7 in the yard....we sure know when anyone approaches...

1. My children and family
2. My job
3. Plenty of food to eat (sometime more than I need)..

Love for now....yaya

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