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Monday, April 19, 2010

Family racing

The family sure had a busy weekend!! My oldest grandson, "The Racer", drove in his first race Sat night. I asked him if he was nervous, he said "No" but I guess the rest of us were anxious enough for him. He chose to start at the back of the pack and before long he had passed five of the other cars. The above photo shows him climbing into the car, ready for his first line up. He got bumped one time by another car, now the car has a scuffed paint job on the lower left hand side but other than that it looks like it did when he left his yard - it's always good when the car isn't scrapped down the side, either by another car or the wall.........
Our family has raced for many, many, many years; my DH and I were talking Sat about how the "torch" has been passed to the third generation - our children grew up at the local track, brought their children and now the grandchildren. Our family is close and, forthunately, we get along with each other.

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