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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Veggie garden

Time just seesm to slide by,,,it's always so long between posts. I never think of my life being that busy, but with job, DH, parents, children, grandchildren and church the days seem to pass by, but I wouldn't change any of my days.. the above piccie of daffodils isn't my yard but isn't it lovely??

Anyway -- my DD and GD #5, the 2 yo tu-tu dancer, and I planted a small garden this past Saturday. We know where the potatoes and corn are but when the lil' girl started opening the packages -- well, now we have vegetable soup in the ground and we'll just have to see where & what plants come up !!! She had a good time and that's really what counts. Who knows, maybe she'll be the one with a green thumb; that would be nice - her mom and I don't have them. My mom had beautifil productive gardens and reaped a lot of veggies. We should have planted Good Friday and the potatoes should have been planted by the end of February, at least that's how it is where we live. This year we tried somehting new to us -- we built a box 8' X 16', filled it with peat moss, compost, and some top soil. That's called "box gardening" (I read it in a book) and we thought it would be easier than tilling up the ground and fighting grass and weeds all summer. We live in the country so maybe the bunnies and deer won't eat too many veggies. We'll see...

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