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Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's a New Year

Another year begins and this year I'm not making resolutions, I'm just trying to be a better person to others and especially myself. Being a self-critical person is not a god thing (you'd think I'd have learned that by now).

The holidays were filled with family and friends and a dear "child" coming home from Afghanistan for two weeks. He requested we have a fish-fry and chili cooking so we all ate and enjoyed every bite of it. It was so good to see him, it's hard to think about him leaving to return over there. May the Lord keep him safe until he returns home again.

Our decorating was very minimal this year and I've been sick with a cold so the Christmas decorations are still not packed away, maybe that will be my job for the evening. I did put my mom's vintage ornaments on the mantel, she thinks they are from 1954, when we lived in Germany. When I took them out of the box this year, they were a little sticky 'cause I had wrapped them in good ol' Wal Mart bags. -my children say I couldn't live without those bags - so this time I'll wrap them in tissue paper to store them. The ornaments have their own special box and I keep them in the top of my closet instead of the usual totes. They are soooo very special to me and they can't be replaced. I feel lucky mom gave them to me when she downsized her house.

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