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Friday, October 8, 2010

Chubby Checker

Most of my fellow bloggers will remember Chubby Checker. Well, let me tell you, he can still move and shake it like he used to and the Twist is 50 years old this year. (He was born in 1941).
And he still looks like this, not too heavy and the jeans fit good!!
(The picture is from his website, that's why it's a little distorted.)

My DD, DS2, Miss K, Lil Angel and I went to the local county fair and he was performing. The kids rode all the rides they wanted to and we were ready to go home when he finally started singing. Sooooooo, my DD asked me if I wanted to stay, shyly "the kids are tired" "yeah, but you may never get this chance again" "OK!". I'm glad we stayed and they agreed with me - it was the best part of the fair...we stayed an hour, he was still singing, non-stop, and wasn't even winded, and didn't slow down! The crowd was huge, so since we had the kids we left before he finished in order to get them out of the rush. Miss K enjoyed it as much as I did and wanted to know " is he famous?" maybe all the vinyl records I've saved should be given to her. For years, I spent my baby-sitting money and my small allowance on records and posters. Oh - what good memories!!! The days of the sock-hops, drive-ins, poodle skirts and great music.....they were so much fun .......
On the way home I told them I could remember the lyrics but couldn't tell you what I had for dinner two weeks ago. Her memories are Saturday mornings, cleaning house and listening to the "oldies". She said it was fun and some of her best memories -- who would have thought that would be a good memory when I was "working her like a Hebrew slave". (family joke).
I feel so blessed, they are very good about taking me places with them, and fortunately, we get along and can laugh together. More great memories.....
Have a good weekend, I'll try to do some sewing..
1. My children, family
2. Autumn weather
3.My health

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  1. How great to hear Chubby Checkers, he wrote some classics, didn't he? Ah, the twist. I am eclectic in my interests, like you, and am following you as of today. Please stop by my blog and say howdy.


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