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Monday, June 22, 2015

Junkin' --- Our favorite past time.......

DH and I visited with his parents today, had lunch and did our most favorite thing to do ---- Junking.
I like old books, this one is printed in 1944.  Usually I don't read them but use them in decorating.
The inside cover is pretty -- an old street scene.
 This is the first book that I've seen this comment : "This book is manufactured under wartime conditions in conformity with all government regulations controlling the use of paper and other materials"
I knew some food quantities and gasoline were rationed during that period of time but didn't realize paper was included.

We have gathered so many "treasures" and have considered opening an Etsy shop.  I'll have to research that a little more but it seems to work well for other bloggers.
Our south Georgia weather is soooooo terribly hot !!  It was 101 degrees this afternoon, and definitely not the time of year to buy chocolate to eat on the way home from grocery shopping. The evenings don't cool off much --- usually 75-78 degrees.

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  1. Hi Sandy :)

    That book you found is such a treasure! I'd love to come across something like that.

    101 with humidity? Yikes! It's bad enough being 100 here without it, which is a heatwave for us.

    I hope you stay cool get get some non-melted chocolate ;)



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