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Friday, July 22, 2011

Grass, grass and wonderful grass...

While reading some blogs, my DSIL, Keith, started cutting the grass in our yards. We've had enough rain, that the grass has begun to grow, or at least turn green and not brown..

The cloud of dust around him still shows we could use more rain but we're all grateful for what we did receive. The fields around our house are still very dry and if the farmers aren't using water irrigation, the crops won't make this year.

We're going tomorrow for more peaches and tomatoes. I'm going to try canning the first batch of tomato sauce, attempting to use my friends recipe.

Keith doesn't know I took this picture and he'll be so surprised when my daughter reads this blog to him.!!! haha YAYA, Keith.....

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  1. Our yard was mowed today and even though it looks groomed, it sure looks dry....

    I learned something new this past week about peaches....A friend of mine told me that if I would wash the peaches....cut them in half...remove the seed....lay them out on paper towels to dry...then with them laying down with the fuzzy part up, put them in the freezer for a few hours...take them out and bag them up...The outside acts as a preserver and they do not turn you need them, take them out and peel them....Wa La...Fresh as can be..
    I tried it and it works..



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