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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mom's Birthday

Today is Mom's birthday - she's 83. I can tell her age because she doesn't read my

Saturday night we had her birthday dinner with some of the family. Two of our grandchildren live out of town, so it's hard to get them all here at the same time.

She reminds me more and more of my grandmother every time a picture is taken of her. She continues to loose weight - sometimes trying, sometimes not. When she was younger she weighed 300 pounds and it was difficult to even know she was pregnant with me. After loosing the weight she has always been careful of the amount and kind of food she eats. She didn't indulge in french fries or fried foods and still ended up having high cholesterol. !! Sometimes the hereditary just kicks in no matter what you do..

The 2 youngest grands made some cards for her, which she always enjoys, and they could hardly wait to give them to her.

The disaster for the day was the ants getting into her cake (which I sat on the table) and Miss S finally today has stopped telling everyone how the ants "ruined Grandmas birthday cake - they know better than to do that!" They both are growing like weeds - getting so tall. Miss K is in the blue shirt - she looks just like her daddy, freckles and all...

The last piccie is our DIL, Miss S painted a chicken for her - that's a long standing joke between the kids.. she really doesn't like chickens (her decor is Tuscan) and when Miss S saw it in Wally World she told her mom she had to paint that for Auntie R.. "she'll be sooooo surprised" "she can put it in her bedroom to look at every day"..

And so goes the latest days of our lives !!

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  1. Precious. Your mom looks great and those little grands are just precious. Ant's in the cake, ant's in the cake.....looking so sad cause there's ant's in the cake...Just gotta love kids and all the things they say..
    Have a good day.


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