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Friday, July 1, 2011

Rain !! Rain !! Rain..

We finally got some rain, so DD, SIL, and lil' angel played in the puddles!!

"You have to hold out your arms and run to the next puddle."

As you can see, when they got finished, their pants were completely wet.

I know I've said this before- but they are doing such a good job raising her. She's very well rounded for a 3 year old, able to hold an adult conversation, and is compassionate for others.

Last Sunday, we had our Father's Day celebration and she helped her mom clean house. Her job was to dust and clean the glass coffee table and end tables. They were as clean as if an adult had done the job. When DD was home she said I worked her like a Hebrew slave, now she's teaching the lil' angel.
A little while ago, I was at their house and she was mopping the floor. She likes a clean house but hasn't exactly learned the tact of telling others they need to clean their house, which has caused her mom some unsettling moments. LOL... (DD ALWAYS tried to embarass me, either in fun or talking to loud. -- what is it -- you reap what you sow...)

I mailed my Santa Swap bag today -- my partner lives in Utah. I took a picture but will have to show it next week after Jill (appleavenuequilts.blogspot) receives the mail.

Happy 4th of July to my blogging friends -- have a safe and blessed weekend.

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