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Monday, May 17, 2010

Memories, children

In August 2000 we disbaned, shut-down, or quit trucking. The family had a trucking company and the economy and other factors helped us make the decision to close shop and bring the trucks home. Anyway, we moved from a LARGE older home and had to put alot of my household goods in storage. With my daughter's help, we got in the storage van last Sat, took out lots of boxes and I went through a lot of items, trying to find places for all of my "treasures" in a much smaller house. There were items from my mom, my grandma, MIL, aunts and even an antique plate from an uncle.

As I opened some of the boxes, the tears started flowing - I can't decide why - maybe because I can finally have some of my treasures or the memories from the past. There were books given to my children, who are now 41 and 34 and toys from the small grandkids who are now 24 - 18, and even some that belonged to our lil' angel who now lives in heaven with God.

I don't know what I'd do without her help. She's supportive in anything I want to try and, bless her heart, she's a good person and mother. My son is also helpful but doesn't live right next door to me so he's not called upon as often but he stil loves me. As I look back on their childhood, I now feel like there were times when I should have done things differently but neither one of them seem to hold anything against me - God, I hope not and I'm thankful for their love and devotion.

It seems like most of my posts are about my family, but honestly, I do a lot of sewing, quilting and a little gardening. I need to show ya'll some of my sewing projects, maybe tomorrow.

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