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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I've always taped my childrens art pictures on the refrigerator now the next generation is filling Grammie's refrigerator. "Bug" knows her pictures and she tells anyone those are hers and the other is "Big Girls". Naturally she says their real names. She likes to tape her own pictures. After a while I take those down, add them to an album and they add new ones. As you can tell, the refrigerator is full.
There's 5 years difference between our son and daughter and when she was little like Bug, she taped her drawings and he made fun of them. Well, I looked in the folder, brought hers and his out from earlier years and he realized his began the same way. Now he's a talented artist, doesn't paint or draw much anymore but can when he chooses.
The top has magnets and two coke bottle top hot pads, you know, the grapes that everyone was crocheting years ago. My mom made 2 for me and I've had them so long they aren't purple anymore. She is so creative and can do all kinds of sewing and knitting.

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