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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend News

 There is a pecan grove near our house, and it looks like there will be a good crop this year.  The limbs are so full they are almost on the ground.  I'm surprised because we've had such little rain.
 It a pretty sight to see the trees are full but it's also just as nice to imagine sitting under the trees - cool in the 90 degree weather.
 We had family yesterday, DH's parents.  The new puppy on FIL's shoulder is the latest addition to our family -- like we actually needed another animal.  She's a tea cup, smaller than the cat, and follows DH's every step.

That's what he wanted --- a shadow.....

Lil' Miss Sam is used to being the only one in grandpa's lap and was a little jealous........

I did get some sewing done today,, I'm trying to finish something so I can link up to Blackberry Creek's UFO's.

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  1. Family just can't beat them. The pecan trees are really loaded...Hope we have a good crop because my freezer is nearly empty of pecans...


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