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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The long awaited Wedding......

Heather and Matt finally set a date and were married this past weekend. Robbie,her biological father is on the left and our son, her step-father, is on the right. This picture was taken shortly after she had a "nervous" crying spell.
Her Uncle Jason, from Texas, is on the left and he officiated the wedding.
The flower girl and ring bearer said they would walk but not touch!!
Miss K and Grandpa, she was one of the bridesmaids.
The flower girl showing her mommy how she was going to pose in the piccies.
My mom and dad, laughing at the festivities -- agreeing the flower girl will do as she pleases...

Our daughter, the wedding director, and the bride-to-be, trying to decide on where everyone should stand.

Heather, Matt and the flower girl, Sam, being so shy....

The setting was a beautiful Southern plantation type -- with the ceremony outside, gnats and all...if you're not from South Ga, gnats are little bugs that fly around your head, and you try to swat at them the whole time you're outside. Fortunately, the bridal couple had the cutest fans made with their and the wedding party's information on them. And the barbecue, potatoes, slaw and extras made a marvelous supper...

All is well in the Southern state.....


  1. I just found your site from you following my site. Thank you so much for following. I hope you enjoy the blog. I am loving your pictures of the wedding. I also am blessed with children and grandchildren. Four children, ) and three grandchildren so far (ages 8, 4, and almost 5). I hope for many more, lots of sewing and knitting and crocheting to do. I am your newest follower, and I hope to get to know more about you and your family. You sound like a wonderful lady. So glad to meet you!!! I have to get busy now, have to run to the fabric store for some ric rac for a table runner I'm making for county fair. I will end up posting pics eventually, and then you can see it! Have a great day. By the way, I just made a ton of jam from some Georgia peaches, and it was delicious!


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