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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wedding Dress

So, here it is - Another blogger asked me if I had posted my DD wedding dress that I made for her in 2006. There are over 22,000 handsewn beads and sequins on the bodice and they cascade over her waist and down the skirt - she wanted a waterfall effect. My husband counted one bottle of beads and that's how we now how many are on the dress. (we multiplied the bottles taht I had saved). We originally went to the bridal shop looking for a dress, nothing suited her, and finally: "Are any of these going to be ok?" "No" "Do you want me to make your dress?" "Yes" "Ok, let's go across the street to JoAnn's Fabrics". And so it began... after the dress was sewn, it took another 3 months to sew on the beads (I continued to work full time)., evenings and weekends.......
The dress was so heavy it left bruise marks on her shoulders.
But it was all worth it -- she was a beautiful bride!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, what fine handwork! What a gorgeous work of art!

  2. Yes she was truly beautiful and the dress is so elegant and really, it's fit for a princess. And that's what she was. (is, aren't all our daughters princesses?)

    Thank you for the photo, I can't imagine undertaking such a huge job, but what you created is no mere dress. It's a gorgeous heirloom.

  3. What a gorgeous dress and bride.
    I can not even begin to image taking on such a task as a wedding dress like this one.
    Your a gifted person to make something so beautiful
    Thanks honey for the get well wishes


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