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Friday, April 15, 2011

Taxes, Bricks & Friday

It's Friday -- the weekend is already planned and it hasn't begun.

We did our income taxes yesterday (which wasn't fun) but the fun part was the bricks!

In a previous post I told about the city demolishing our beloved high school. Well, it's gone now, the lot is empty, but the alumni did manage to save 3 pallets of bricks. We picked up our bricks yesterday, right now they're lying in my flower bed - right by my door, so I can look at them whenever I please. (Isn't that silly for a grown woman). The bricks were at a restaurant of a fellow alumni; we had lunch and it was good to see him again. In the resstaurant he has a room dedicated to the school and he has our large tiger (mascot) that was in the auditorium. I never thought my high school years were all that great, we haven't attended any of the reunions, but it was good to see some of the old photos. I guess, all bad memories fade with time.

(The feet don't belong to me, mine are much older! haha)

Have a great weekend !!

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  1. really is tax time again isn't it.

    I remember when they tore down the old rock gym that was the heart of our school....It really did break some hearts to see those old rocks hauled off...Good thing is that not only did I get a rock, but I also found the old wire basket that I use to use to put my gym clothes in...Basket number 5...Call me sentimental too....


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