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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Doilies & chores

These are pictures of some thrift shopping. I use these for decorating and save the ones my mom has made thorugh the years to add beauty to my house. She has made so many - she always says it was the cheapest entertainment for the money, "a big ball of thread for a little money". I'm lucky to also have some of the doilies my paternal grandmother made. My maternal grandmother was the baker of the family and her homemade bread was the tastiest. The other day, I had a taste for homemade bread and not being a good baker I bought a loaf of something at Wal Marts. Before I knew it, half the loaf was gone --- sometimes I think I'd like to have a bread machine but I'd probably be as big as the side of a barn if I had one.

Isn't it strange how certain smells or tastes bring back such memories. My Grandma Patton always made butterscotch pudding and homemade bread for us when we visited her. We usually visited during the summer and had all the garden goodies from the traveling produce truck. Dose anyone remember the "traveling produce trucks" that used to come through the neighborhood for folks that didn't grow their own veggies? My grandfather was a coal miner, they lived on a little piece of land, with not much growing space, so they never had a garden of their own. He did raise honey bees during the depression so the family could have honey and he sold a little of it to the neighbors. Theer's alsp stories of the moonshine still in the basement but the family won't talk much ablout it -- I need to remember to ask my mom.

I just read the cutest blog of a husband taking care of a wife, who has recently had surgery.. you have to give him credit for trying. Isn't it strange how men just think the house "takes care of itself" but they don't know how to wash clothes without the underwear getting pink, or looking at the dates on packages so the money isn't wasted on expired items.

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