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Friday, September 17, 2010

My "Special" Dad

This picture is one of my favorite. It's our youngest GD with my dad, he will be 92 next Tuesday and she's 2! I'll start this post by praising God for bringing him through surgery yesterday. He had bone cancer several years ago, its been in remission, but for the past two years he has had several places removed off his face, neck, arms and has had his nose reconstructed. Yesterday the doctor operated on his left arm and had to go deep to scrap the bone to clean the area. Dr. K. also removed a spot on his neck that was cancer but Dad came through surgery just fine. It scares all of us when he goes to the doctor, he has already said he's not going through radiation or chemo -- he is very thin, has other medical problems and says he's ready to go when God decides to take him home. My mom has a pace maker, she's 82, and naturally our concern is for her also. But praise the Lord they are okay although tired from yesterday. Next Thursday we will find out what the pathologist said about his arm and DR. K said we would discuss treatment, but we already know dad's not agreeing to any treatment.
Mom and I sat in the waiting rooms sewing - she's making a yo yo pillow and I was embroidering on a GD's panels for her quilt. I thought of how much she has taught me, my sewing and quilting have been the best therapy for me through the years. I told my DD that when I'm anciently old and go to the nursing home and I'm sewing in the air to please explain what I'm doing. haha What would you like to have if you were stranded on a deserted island? DD says "Mom would want her sewing bag". I have sooooo many UFO's it's not fynny. What would some of you want on a desert island??
Today my DH goes to Dr. R , the cardiologist, for his checkup. With all this, I'm so glad my health is okay and the fibro is not causing too much pain. I've found the best thing for me to combat the fibro is VEMMA. It's all natural and helps in so many other areas - cholesterol, depression, staphe infection, diabetes, weight, etc etc etc. I can't take Lyrica, it left me too woozy, I couldn't function properly at work. I still continue to take a mild sleeping pill (I started that when God took our DGD to live with him in heaven) but VEMMA PM, for sleeping, will be on the market in November - I'm anxious to try it so I can stop taking pills.
Our weather has been a little cooler in the mornings but still is in the 90's by the afternoon. I'm ready for the coolness of Fall... my flower beds need attention and pine straw needs to be put on them. It's just been too hot to be outside on the weekends or when I get home from work.
Thank for letting me ramble, I better stop blogging and start doing something more productive.
Hope all of you have a great weekend.... Dad's birthday party will be Sunday afternoon after church. He's looking forward to it -- he knows we will cook his favorite dishes. !!

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