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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lazy Sunday

     This has been a quiet, lazy day.  I've been reading blogs for most of the day, had typed one, and it disappeared somewhere in blogger land. 
      The missions and youth of our church will be having a yard sale next Saturday, so I  spent last week gathering household items.  I was mistaken, and thought the sale was yesterday but thankfully it is next week.  There are several totes and boxes I want to sort through.  So far, in the fellowship hall, I  have filled a table and a half !!!

      My son, daughter-in-law, and grandchild were here for Christmas.  This picture is of him and his immediate family, including our first great grandchild.  Miss J is in the previous post -- she certainly has grown.  Time passes so quickly.  

       The rain has begun, thank goodness.  God's rain is better for the flowers and tomatoes plants.
We haven't had rain for some time, so the farmers have been irrigating their crops.

         Hope you all have a wonderful week, may God bless you.

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