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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Missing in Action?? God works in mysterious ways.

I really haven't been missing in action - it's just been such an emotional rollercoaster at our house.

(This picture always makes me cry.)

On Saturday, April 30, Uncle Homer's (the man in the above picture) daughter called and said he wanted to see his brother, Oscar - who lives 70 miles north of us, so in an effort to abide by his wishes, we called him. At that time he decided he would wait until Monday, May 2, to go to Fla. On Sunday, May 1, our DD & SIL traveled to see Uncle Homer. Upon their arrival, she texted me and said we needed to come right now! DH called his parents, they arrived at our house and we all went to Fla. In Alabama, only 40 minutes away from Homer & Nell's, we stopped for a bite to eat and get gas. DH drove past the gas station Oscar wanted to use and he asked him to turn around. DH pumped the gas, Oscar went in to pay, had paid, I went in to get water, and as he was coming across the lot he was struck by a Rendevous SUV and was knocked to the ground. So..... after the police and EMT's got there it was decided he needed to go to the hospital and be checked, mostly because he takes coumadin and there may have been internal bleeding. After a CT scan and xrays, it was determined to admit him for observation - when his head hit the pavement his brain went bak and forth and had caused bleeding in the forehead area. They also discovered his hemoglobin was extremely low and gave him 2 pints of plasma. That's what I mean, God works in mysterious ways -- Oscar wasn't going to his doctor until Thurs of this week and apparently he should not have waited that long. DD and SIL had already returned home and when they were told, decided to come to Al the next morning. We went on to Homer & Nell's, leaving DH to care for his dad and mom. The hospital released Oscar on Monday afternoon (only because of the circumstances) and they continued on to FL. His arm was bandaged and we all were concerned Homer would realize he had been in an accident while he was trying to come visit him. The visit went well, we returned home on Monday night and DH and parents returned on Tuesday.
It was such a strange sequence of events and God had to have had a hand in all of it. Praise the Lord, Oscar wasn't hurt any worse than he was. He's 85 years old, still is able to get aropund well, cuts his own grass, and would have been miserable if he wasn't able to do as he pleases.

Thank you my blogging frriends and please continue to keep us all in your prayers.

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  1. Sandy, He does, indeed! Happy to hear
    that he is OK.


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