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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunshiny Days

My DH with DD as she played the Easter Bunny at church. These were taken about 4 years ago and DH and I still pretty much look the same -- OLD.!!

I'm probably pushing the Easter season a little but looking at all the piccies, these are among my favorites, of the thousands that are on the computer or in boxes and totes. (My children are going to have so much fun looking and sorting through my "stuff" when my "time" comes).

My children for putting up with this old lady
My DH, who means the world to me
Homemade chicken salad --

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  1. I got all my Easter decorations out last weekend. I don't have many but I do have a few bunnies and I enjoy seeing them. Now that my oldest is 45 I love looking back at the old pictures of the kids finding Easter eggs...real treasures those pics are! blessings, marlene


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