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Thursday, June 10, 2010

How do I start this post? I went to the doctor's yesterday and the diagnosis I thought it was going to be is true - I have fibromyalgia. That was the only thing that could explain some of the symptoms - chronic fatigue, tiredness, lack of sleep, sore muscles & joints. I had been taking slight pain pills fro what we thought was arthritis but since the muscles are so sensitive he changed the medication. I know I'm getting older but still I didn't think I should give "out of steam" so fast that I couldn't finish a small chore. Anyway, I'll go on from here - now that we know. Several of my cousins have fibro and according to the internet its a predisposition and somewhat hereditary. My mom was more upset than I, but she already sees the effects on other people. I follow a blogger who has fibro and she was so kind as to answer my comment. It helps knowing that I can reach out to someone. I think it is so strange that I feel more comfortable talking with my blogger friends than my "real life" friends (whom I haven't told yet).
I changed the main picture on the top of the blog. Once again, I was inspired by a fellow blogger. Her pillow was cute with all the yo yo's and my mom gave me several, so I made a pillow. I used a navy background instead of a white. I have so many projects started that I need to finish - I guess I need to pick up the pace to get them done.....and to the family members I promised them to....

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