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Monday, November 1, 2010

Update on my Dad..

Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord. Dad is feeling much better. Last Tuesday when I was at their house, I went "on a rant"... for the longest time I've tried to get him to take VEMMA (a nutritional supplement) and he has always complained. Anyway, I referred the same liquid to a church member who was having health issues (gout, bug bite with a swollen arm, staph infection) and within 3 days the swelling had gone down, no infection and no gout. After about the third time of saying "I don't know why people don't believe me, but the VEMMA does work" he said he would try it again. They have had a bottle in their refrigerator for 3 weeks. So... he started taking a dosage (2 oz.) and by Friday night his voice was stronger, he was sleeping in his bed without the bad coughing spells, his facial color was back. He felt so good that on Sunday he drove to a nearby town (60 miles away) for his sister's birthday and then came to church in the evening when they arrived home. last night, as we were doing our church "meet & greet" (it's a Southern thing), the pianist was playing a lively tune and he started swaying and flailing his arms....he feels so much better -- it sounds impossible, but he acts like his old self...

Mom is also taking it REGULARLY/DAILY and her health is better - she had gotten so tired from being the care giver.
1. My parents health.
2. Closeness with my daughter.
3. My DH choosing to take VEMMA......

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  1. Glad your dad is doing better. Have a good day!


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